Apache SOAP 2.1 released
19:50, 31 Jan 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

The Apache SOAP team have released version 2.1 of their Java-based SOAP engine, adding many new features.

The team report that, although some work on documentation still needs to be done, the code is "solid" and that users of version 2.0 should consider upgrading.

Among the new features are:

  • Addition of support for SSL, client-side HTTPS, and HTTP basic authentication
  • Support for SOAP messages with attachments
  • Pluggable configuration manager, provider support
  • Support for international character sets

Apache SOAP can be downloaded from the Apache XML Project web site.

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Re: Apache SOAP 2.1 released (Rupak - 09:39, 18 May 2001)

Could u pls tell me where can I get some examples for Apache-SOAP implementation in java.

Re: Apache SOAP 2.1 released (Assaf - 16:11, 22 Feb 2001)
where can i find explanation/examples on how to use ssl with soap 2.1
Re: Apache SOAP 2.1 released (Glen Daniels - 03:48, 6 Feb 2001)

Have you written up your concerns (preferably with example code) and sent them to the soap ...
Re: Apache SOAP 2.1 released (Bazza - 20:29, 31 Jan 2001)
I've used the previous build and the nightlys (only a week or so ago) and solid was not an adjective ...
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