4S4C SOAP services for COM updated
19:37, 23 Jan 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Simon Fell has released version 1.3 of 4S4C, his SOAP library for COM integration, now including a WSDL generator.

4S4C's main component is a dispatcher which proxies in between COM calls and SOAP requests. The addition of a WSDL generator in this version allows a WSDL description of the SOAP services provided by an object to be created, by means of a deployment configuration file and the COM type libraries.

Other changes include a workaround for a bug in Microsoft's SOAP toolkit v2, to preserve interoperability. Fell reports that he has verified interoperability with other SOAP stacks including Apache SOAP, IdooXap, ROPE, MS SOAP 2, SOAP::Lite and Developmentor's Perl/SOAP.

4S4C is built on the Apache Xerces C XML parser, version 1.3. The 4S4C binary distribution can be downloaded from

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Re: 4S4C SOAP services for COM updated (Al Bencomo - 15:45, 12 Aug 2002)

I was wonder if the Dispatcher source code is available and where I could download i ...
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