XDisect XML search engine
10:13, 11 Dec 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

PyBiz's XML indexing and search engine, XDisect, is now available as a free download for purposes of evaluation.

Chetan Patel from PyBiz writes:

XDisect now offers very high speed indexing capabilities. It also includes the ability to make incremental changes to the XML data ... XDisect supports index sizes of greater +than 2 Gigabyte on Windows NT/2000, Solaris and Linux.

XDisect has an XML/HTTP API, which should simplify integration with other systems. Queries against documents can also be performed using SQL. XDisect also includes a browser-based GUI.

Re: XDisect XML search engine (Corey - 05:10, 1 Mar 2002)

PyBiz has recently changed their name. The new company name is Coherity. You can find them at


> Re: XDisect XML search engine (Kurt Martin - 15:30, 17 Feb 2004)
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