Adobe SVG Viewer 2.0 Beta
13:19, 13 Nov 2000 UTC | Leigh Dodds

Adobe have announced a public beta release of the second version of their SVG Viewer.

The beta release provides support for more of the features defined in the August SVG Candidate Recommendation, and also includes a number of performance enhancements. A detailed list of the supported features is available, as are separate release notes for the Windows and Macintosh implementations.

The announcement message included a request for feedback from the community, and particularly suggestions for suitable test cases:

"We strongly encourage SVG developers to test it against your own SVG. Now that there is such a healthy community of people developing a wide range of content, it is becoming more difficult for us to create our own test cases for every possible circumstance, duplicate every environment, etc. so we welcome your feedback and test cases when content does not display as you expect it to. Test cases are always helpful."

The announcement indicates that additional releases will be made over the next few months.

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