OASIS adds two new technical committees
21:59, 23 Oct 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

OASIS has chartered two new technical committees, addressing "Entity Resolution" and "Customer Information Quality."

The Entity Resolution TC is focused on making the OASIS catalog system work with XML.

The objective of the Entity Resolution TC is to provide facilities to address issue A of the OASIS catalog specification (TR 9401). These facilities will take into account new XML features and delete those features of TR 9401 that are only applicable to SGML, as well as those features applicable only to issue B in TR 9401.

The Customer Information Quality (CIQ) TC is focused on creating XML standards for the representation of customer information and profiles. OASIS notes that

... despite the realisation by organisations on the importance of customer relationship management particularly due to the potential of e-business, no XML standards for customer profile/information management have been developed.

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