Data Junction Integration Suite 7.5 launched
17:14, 22 Oct 2000 UTC | Ron Bourret

The new version of the tools -- Data Junction, DJ Engine, and Cambio -- include:

  • Support for XML Schemas in visual mapping tools
  • SAX-based transformation for speed and to improve performance for large documents
  • COM and JNI interfaces in the DJEngine on Unix and Windows NT Server
  • Multi-threading and parallelization in the DJEngine on Unix and Windows NT Server
  • Concurrent writes to multiple target tables in relational databases

The Data Junction UTS consists of three main products: Data Junction and Cambio, visual tools for designing data transformations, and DJEngine, an embeddable data transformation engine for running those transformations. The tools support over one hundred data "formats", from XML to databases to files from spreadsheets, word processors, and statistics packages.

Also available is XML Junction, a tool for creating XML documents, schemas, and DTDs from a variety of data formats, as well as transferring data to and from those formats. XML Junction is currently free.

Re: Data Junction Integration Suite 7.5 launched (Tony Finnemore - 11:10, 11 May 2004)

Any comment here is totally irrelevant as this version of Data Junction was released around 2000. The current release is V8.2 of Pervasive Data Integration software (yes they acquired Data Junction in December 2003). The Extract Schema Designer for parsing unstructured data sources is one of many visual designers included in all Pervasive Data Integration developer licenses. See: or our Australian and NZ focused site for the latest product sheets.

Re: Data Junction Integration Suite 7.5 launched (Simon Carter - 02:41, 13 Apr 2004)

We use TextPipe Pro from - faster, easier, has always been multi-threaded. Has always handled extremely large documents

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