CSIRO SVG toolkit makes strides
09:37, 12 Oct 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

CSIRO have announced a new release of their SVG toolkit, containing a good many improvements over the previous version, and a move to the Apache open source license (it was BSD-style licensed).

Among the new features in this toolkit are:

  • animation improvements
  • text anchor support (left, right, middle)
  • support for gradient and pattern references
  • cursor support (user defined cursors when over elements)
  • CSS style selector improvements
  • handles onmouseover and onmouseout events
  • linking to fragment/view support
  • very early start on filters
  • added zoomAndPan disabled/magnify support
  • xml:space attr is now handled

As well as the new features, the toolkit now builds with the Apache Ant tool, and many bugfixes have been included.

CSIRO SVG requires JDK 1.3, and can be obtained from CSIRO's web site.

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