JAXP 1.1 spec available for public review
09:32, 6 Oct 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Version 1.1 of JAXP, Sun's Java API for XML Processing, has been made available for public review, per the Java Community Process.

JAXP provides a standardized set of Java Platform APIs for performing XML processing, including SAX, DOM and XSLT manipulation.

The new draft of the API includes the following changes over JAXP 1.0:

  • Addition of SAX2 extensions
  • Addition of Transformations
  • Addition of get/setFeature to SAXParser, SAXParserFactory
  • Addition of get/setAttribute to TransformFactory
  • Addition of setEntityResolver, setErrorHandler and get/setXSLParam to Transform
  • Addition of set/getIgnoreWhitespace, set/getExpandEntityReference, set/getIgnoringComments, set/getAttributes to DocumentBuilderFactory.

Feedback on the new draft should be sent to

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