Python 4Suite XML package now includes RDF API
09:21, 22 Sep 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Uche Ogbuji of Fourthought has announced the release of 4Suite 0.9.0, a collection of open source Python tools for XML processing, including DOM, XPath, XSLT and RDF.

Reflecting the synergy between XML and object databases, 4Suite also now includes an object database management layer, 4ODS, conforming to the ODMG 3.0 standard. 4ODS comes with definition files for managing persistent XML documents.

The other new addition to 4Suite is 4RDF, an RDF processing package. Currently in alpha-release status, 4RDF provides classes for the storage and manipulation of an RDF model. It does not currently include an RDF parser, but does include a simple query interface.

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