Non-validating XML parser for Javascript
20:59, 6 Aug 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Michael Houghton has released version 0.21 of XML for <SCRIPT>, his Javascript non-validating XML parser.

Houghton writes of his design objectives:

  • Speed - use as little recursion as possible
  • Speed (2) - avoid character-by-character manipulation
  • Compliance - implement as much of the 10-Feb-98 recommendation as is possible
  • Usefulness - provide DOM-like functionality

The parser is not fully compliant to XML 1.0, but implements enough of XML 1.0 to be useful in small scale/embedded situations. A demo of the parser is available online.

Re: Non-validating XML parser for Javascript (Jozsef - 00:27, 17 Nov 2003)

Remember to update your site. DEMO IS DEAD!

Demo link is not working (Mario - 21:50, 19 Oct 2003)

The demo link is dead.

Re: Non-validating XML parser for Javascript (RE: Non-validating XML parser for Javascript - 05:08, 16 May 2003)

REXML is the best-performing XML parser for JavaScript available (outperforms MSXML for normal sized XML documents if the 200ms initialization time on creation of the MSXML document object is taken into account). The problem with compliance is that it adds to the code size that must be downloaded if the parser is used for more sophisticated web clients, which is its most likely use. Therefore REXML uses a fully-functional but scaled down API. The other problem is building GUIs to modify XML using a tree-structured API means more cluttered code the more complicated the interface is, which is why in JSXML writing XML is done with a separate Builder object, which has a unique flat interface so that events can directly modify XML elements without adding unique identifiers to the elements.

In summart, it's slick.

Re: Non-validating XML parser for Javascript (Dennis - 21:24, 3 Feb 2002)

dead link

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