SVG tools update: font generation, slide toolkit, Java Graphics2D
08:21, 4 Aug 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Hot on the heels of SVG reaching Candidate Recoommendation, a slew of new SVG tools have been released:

  • Steady State Software's SVGFont is a Java application for generating SVG font definitions from TrueType fonts. The generated fonts can be used in conjunction with the CSIRO SVGToolkit. SVGFont is licensed with the LGPL license, and is uses Steady State's TrueType Toolkit, a Java class library for the development of typography applications.

  • Attendees at XML Europe this year were wowed by Sun's slide presentations, made using SVG. Sun have now released their SVG Slide Toolkit, which contains a DTD for slide presentations, and a bunch of XSLT sheets to transform the slides into a "highly graphical, interactive SVG presentation."

  • Sun have also released Graphics2D SVG Generator, libraries that enable Java applications to export their graphics to SVG. This uses the Graphics2D abstract class from Java 2, as Sun describe:

    The Java 2 Standard Edition comes with multiple implementations for rendering to the screen or to a printer. The Graphics2D SVG generator (SVGGraphics2D) is a new implementation of the Graphics2D abstract class that generates SVG code. This new implementation allows all Java language applications to export their graphics to SVG as easily as they render to a screen or a printer.

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