SVG moves to Candidate Recommendation
17:11, 2 Aug 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The W3C announced the release of a Candidate Recommendation of Scalable Vector Graphics.

SVG developers will definitely want to explore the Change history, as it appears an enromous amount of cleanup and renaming work has taken place, especially in the SVG DOM.

The W3C appears to be giving a lot of attention to the SVG test suite:

"W3C is extending its first SVG Test Suite, and updating it to match the Candidate Recommendation of SVG. 'We are providing developers with the critical tools they need to check their implementations against the spec,' explained Lofton Henderson, editor of the SVG Test Suite. 'Test Suites enable developers to make conformant and interoperable applications, which can then be used with confidence by designers.' "

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