SVG tool news: CSIRO, GNU plotutils
22:37, 13 Jul 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

  • CSIRO have released the latest version of the CSIRO SVG Toolkit. Improvements to this open source Java implementation include:

    • Support for the latest SVG working draft (June 29th 2000)
    • Support for SVG Fonts
    • Various bug fixes

    A full feature list is available from CSIRO's web site.

  • The GNU plotting utilities have been upgraded to include SVG support in the latest version, 2.4.1.

    Announcing the latest version of the C/C++ libraries, Robert S. Maier wrote:

    The centerpiece of the package (about 90% of the code) is GNU libplot, a 2-D device-independent vector graphics library. "Device-independent" means that its API is independent of the graphics format to be exported. It can export many vector formats, including WebCGM, PS/EPS, PCL 5, HP-GL/2, and Adobe Illustrator. As of this release, it can also export SVG and PNG.

    Maier also invited feedback on the quality of the SVG implementation (currently only supporting the 3 March draft). He concluded with a rather neat example of libplot's capabilities:

    The plotutils package includes a sample command-line program, GNU graph, which does XY plotting. You can do, for example:
    echo 0 0 1 1 2 0 | graph -T svg > graph.svg

Re: SVG tool news: CSIRO, GNU plotutils (dgd - 16:24, 13 Sep 2001)

this article is very old

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