Murray-Rust lashes out at OASIS over XML-DEV
21:21, 28 Jun 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Peter Murray-Rust, the founder of the XML-DEV mailing list, has strongly criticized OASIS for failing to meet their commitment to XML-DEV.

OASIS took over hosting of the list earlier this year, and since then has had a troubled time maintaining it, with several significant outages. The latest criticisms are about the poor maintenance of the XML-DEV home page and the mailing list archives.

In particular, there is a poor level of information for new or prospective members to the list, no search over the archives, and the mailing list home page appears to have written Murray-Rust--the list's moderator--out of the story.

Murray-Rust, incensed at the situation, wrote:

I care about XML-DEV. I find it upsetting that I get repeatedly asked "why are the archives in a shambles". It is often assumed it is MY fault.

I have repeatedly mentioned these issues on the list. No action has been taken. Henry and I have wasted masses of time this year on trying to get XML-DEV properly supported when we should have been developing CML. The list is in a worse state than it was when it was handed over.

Murray-Rust continued to say that other options for hosting the mailing list and community pages were looking increasingly attractive, and urged OASIS to take immediate action. So far, no public response has been forthcoming.

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