Wireless content management and distribution with XML
17:12, 6 Jun 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Wireless Developer Network has started a series covering the development of an XML-based content delivery system for wireless and handheld devices.

The application is being developed using Microsoft Active Server Pages and VBScript. The first article covers parsing an XML file and outputting it as HTML, RSS and WML.

The project will be developed over the coming weeks. Marc Robards, the author, writes:

When we're done, you should have a good idea as to how you too can use XML to standardize data sharing and distribution between multiple applications, devices, or customers.

Re: Wireless content management and distribution with XML (Michael Forde - 04:14, 30 Mar 2003)

Read Marc's article " Parsing XML with PHP". It was an excellent article; well written, informative and quite useful. One tiny disappointment; he did not extend the article to show WML output. I am not a programmer, but have interest in WML (to get more functionality from my cell phone). I would have found this article very actionable and personally mega useful if he had shown newbies like me the code for achieving WML output from the parse.

Nonetheless, I commend his efforts. Thanks Marc.

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