Cocoon and Castor early May touchups available
04:08, 6 May 2000 UTC | Gabe Beged-Dov

Both the Cocoon project and the Castor project have made bug fix releases available.

The Cocoon project (which is a sub-part of the Apache XML project) has made available the 1.7.3 release of thier XML publishing framework. This release doesn't incorporate any significant new technology but includes lots of bug fixes, new examples and improved documentation. This may be one of the last releases in the 1.X development path. The Cocoon team has been devoting more and more of their efforts to the 2.X development tree and hope to have a beta release available in time for Java One in June.

The Castor project (which is sub-part of the Exolab project) has also made available the 0.8.4 release of thier data mapping software. Castor supports mappings between Java objects, XML documents, SQL databases and LDAP directories. Castor provides multiple styles of for peforming the Java/XML mapping. It supports both a Java-centric approach where existing classes are used to generate XML document types and an XML-centric approach where an XML schema is used to generate Java classes.

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