Expanding XML-DEV beyond a mailing list
15:06, 19 Apr 2000 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

David Brownell suggested giving the XML-DEV community facilities beyond the mailing list to support software development and further communication.

Brownell pointed out:

"As an example, offers a free service that supports multiple archived lists, CVS, a web site, and more. They offer the servers, and the community runs everything else. I rather like the idea of the xml-dev community running itself in that way, rather than expecting someone else to do it."

Peter Murray-Rust seemed encouraged by the idea, saying that "I am extremely keen to see flowers bloom and your posting looks like a seed."

Brownell then expanded on the proposal, suggesting that such a site could provide significant advantages to the list community:

"So what would XML-DEV manage that way? The obvious things are its software library (which today is scattered all over, and not well integrated -- viz. the catalog discussions that recurred recently) ... a web site that provides a long-term access point for some of the "gems". And a page for the mailing list, instructions, archive pointers, who to contact when there's trouble, and so on. Some of the things folk on the list have written should get pointers, or hosted copies. Internationalization resources, FAQs, rants, raves, ... "

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