Transforming XML to print-ready format
21:40, 6 Oct 1999 UTC | Edd Dumbill

There has been renewed interest in transforming XML to print ready formats. One emerging way to achieve this is by use of XSL formatting objects and a choice of several available formatters.

Although the XSL formatting objects specification is still subject to change, it is possible to turn XML into PDF and TeX output formats with the available tools.

James Tauber's FOP program was the first XSL print formatter. It accepts a DOM tree or SAX events as input, as well as straight XML documents.

Sebastian Rahtz, a UK TeX expert, has created Passive TeX, which formats XSL via use of the TeX typesetting system. Passive TeX has good support for MathML, the mathematical markup vocabulary.

RenderX are working on a commercial XSL FO formatter.

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Re: Transforming XML to print-ready format (sunder anand - 06:04, 23 Jul 2001)
I am currently working on a project which very much needs XSLTFO, I find it a great technology, But ...
Re: Transforming XML to print-ready format (Fabio Colitta - 14:40, 15 Jun 2001)
Nothing is clear, XSLFO is crap.
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