Conformant XSL-FO processing for $80
08:10, 17 Oct 2002 UTC | Michael Smith

RenderX have made significant changes to their licensing/pricing structure for XEP, their highly conformant XSL-FO engine (for rendering PDF and Postscript files from XSL-FO source files). An individual license for a nearly full-featured "Stamped Edition" of the current version (XEP 3.02) is priced at US$80, while an individual license for the fully-featured standard "Client Edition" is US$300. Both versions can be purchased online.

Re: Conformant XSL-FO processing for $80 (Dave Pawson - 20:34, 24 Oct 2002)

A good move IMO. Commercial FO engines have been too expensive for individuals to explore, and today the open implementations are too far behind. This will provide that bridge needed to enable a full evaluation without the high level of financial commitment.

Much needed to further the uptake of xsl-fo, a great Spec from W3C.

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