gSOAP generator tools for C/C++ SOAP coding
18:08, 26 Mar 2002 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Robert van Engelen announced gSOAP 2.1, a set of tools indended to make C/C++ web services programming simple.

The toolkit only requires a C/C++ compiler and a socket library, and so will compile and run on many platforms, including Windows, Linux, Unix, Pocket PC, Mac, embedded systems.

Features include a WSDL generator, HTTPS/SSL support, IDE integration and support for all SOAP 1.1 features. According to the authors "most of the SOAP 1.2 RPC/DOC features are supported (including polymorphism and multi-dimensional sparse arrays)."

Other highlights include:

  • multi-threaded
  • small memory footprint
  • integrated automatic memory management
  • customizable fault and header processing

The authors write that gSOAP has over 600 users. Due to being written in C, gSOAP is apparently very efficient, and not significantly more difficult to use than any other SOAP implementation.

Cool. Very fast. Roboo is using gSoap in our SOAP/XML Security solution (Firewall, VPN, Encryption, Signature, DoS, IDS, IPS, IDP) (Roboo: Soap/xml xml/soap firewall VPN DoS IDS IPS IDP - 06:16, 1 Nov 2003)

gSoap is cool and we found it is very fast. We use it in our SOAP/XML Security solution:

Roboo: SOAP/XML Web Services Security solution - Automatically builds security gateway to protect web services/apps - Instantly shifts your SOAP/XML security burden to ready-to-use Roboo - Monitors request/response message traffic and business activities - Centralized authentication/authorization/access control policy rules - Generates single sign-on (SSO) security tokens using SAML standard - XML-encryption/signature for privacy, integrity, non-repudiation - Traffic filtering and deep content analysis (schema/size/origin/DoS) - Supports XML web services security standards SAML & WS-Security - Service directing, load balancing, and data/thread state caching - Logging, reporting, alerting, and service usage business analytics - Centralized policy administration GUI tool for local or remote use

Re: gSOAP generator tools for C/C++ SOAP coding (Janardhan - 13:22, 15 May 2003)

It seems really cool tool, but how to work with it on MacOSX. I tried since morning its not working. I tried to build application in Unix prompt then again tried..Looking for alternatives ....

Re: gSOAP generator tools for C/C++ SOAP coding (Varaprakash - 08:05, 11 Mar 2003)

It is very nice/interesting to know aboout the gSOAP toolkit. The document is also pretty clear. So far I have not yet used this tool, but the time as come to use this tool. I am going to use C++ for the client application, So please send some more ducuments about writing request in WSDL, which we are going to pass it to gSOAP proxy. I want some more examples to see what are all the SOAP calls are exists and all.

Thanks, Varaprakash Reddy.

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