New year brings surge in OASIS activity
00:03, 29 Jan 2002 UTC | Edd Dumbill

OASIS have issued calls for participation in several technical committees, including forming a TC to develop a localization interchange language.

The calls for participation include:

  • The Published Subjects for Geography and Languages technical committee will "define sets of published subjects for language, country, and region subjects, in accordance with the guidelines for published subjects to be laid down by the Published Subjects TC."

    Those wishing to participate must notify Lars Marius Garshol (larsga@ontopia.net).

  • In a rather intriguing act of self-reference, the Vocabulary for XML Standards and Technologies technical committee will "define a vocabulary for the domain of XML standards and technologies.

    Those unafraid of Russell's paradox should contact Holger Rath in order to join the TC.

  • The Web Services Remote Portal technical committee, chaired by Thomas Schaeck, intends to "create an XML/web services technology to allow 'plug and play of portals, other intermediary web applications that aggregate content, and applications from disparate sources."

    In true web services form, this TC has a handy acronym: WSRP. Interested would-be participants should contact the chair.

  • The XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) TC intends to develop an interchange format that will allow software providers to deliver localization information in a standard way.

    In the launch press release the TC chair, Tony Jewtushenko, explains "With our standard, a publisher will be able to use a filter to convert their native file format to an XLIFF file, which will be sent to a localization vendor for translation. When the file is returned, it will be converted back to its original format."

You must have an individual or corporate membership of OASIS in order to participate in a technical committee.

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Re: New year brings surge in OASIS activity (Lars Marius Garshol - 22:53, 30 Jan 2002)
Each TC has an open and a closed mailing list, so you can participate in TC's work by subscribing to ...
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