Open-source XSLT Standard Library version 1.0 released
15:24, 7 Nov 2001 UTC | Michael Smith

Steve Ball recently announced the release of version 1.0 of the open-source XSLT Standard Library (xsltsl), a set of reusable XSLT templates that developers can use to perform tasks common to many applications. Those distribution includes modules with templates for:

Developers can make use of the library rather than writing their own code from scratch to handle the same tasks.

Changes in this release, which is available at the XSLT Standard Library project site at SourceForge, include the addition of several new templates in the string-manipulation module, and an automated system for building the documentation for the distribution.

The project team includes several other developers in addition to Ball, and he encourages other interested developers to contribute:

Anyone who has useful XSLT templates that feels that they may be of use to a wide range of XSLT developers and applications is invited to submit their templates for inclusion in the library.

Contributions must be submitted under the GNU LGPL license and must adhere to the project's engineering standards, which among other things require the contributed templates to be accompanied by documentation in the form of a DocBook Refentry.

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