New XSLT IDE and Debugger
14:10, 12 Oct 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

MarrowSoft have released Xselerator, a new XSLT development environment for the Windows platform.

Xselerator features an advanced editor, with auto-completion for attribute and element names, and syntax coloring support for XSLT, XML and HTML; an XSLT debugger, with breakpoints and stepping; XSLT transformer, including support for third party XSLT processors; and an XPath query analyzer. Full details of features are available at TopXML.com.

Xselerator is commercial software, priced at US$125, and requires Microsoft Windows and MSXML3 installed.

Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Edd Dumbill - 13:21, 22 Oct 2001)

Thanks everyone for the comments, but please note that XMLhack is not a marketing forum :-)

Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Greger Hagström - 09:04, 22 Oct 2001)

I have never seen such a wide gap between the best software and the second best. This is the best XSLT ide I've seen.

Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Dimitre Novatchev - 07:02, 15 Oct 2001)

Once you try the Xselerator, you'll forget about any other XSLT authoring products, and will use it all the time.

I have tried to use other tools as eXcellon Stylus, Komodo, Visual XSLT -- but they all stay in the dust of Xselerator for its remarkable ease of use, intelligent assistance to the XSLT professional, intellisense, no-nonsense XSLT Debugger for a state of the art XSLT processor, example libraries, wizards, ... and a lot more.

The Xselerator has helped me develop the newer versions of the XPath Visualizer, to test and implement the Generic Templates approach, to help other XSLT authors from various forums solve numerous problems -- successfully and in a fraction of the time this would have taken without this tool.

A complete XSLT IDE, a tool for the professional XSLT programmer, a thorough XSLT learning tool, a big time-saver that eliminates the routine elements and helps the programmer concentrate completely on the essential aspects of the problem -- this is the Xselerator.

Dimitre Novatchev, Author: Generic Templates, XPath Visualizer, Remote XML Workbench, various snippets on vbxml.com, the xslt-list, newsgroups.

Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Mark Bosley - 05:09, 13 Oct 2001)

I have used maybe 4 or 5 editors and I have to say Xselerator is a winner. Xselerator's auto-completion does a great job of staying out of my way when I am typing up a storm, but it sure is nice for less-used elements. Its debug watch features are phenomenal-a window into the heart of XPath. There are a lot of other subtle and thoughtful features.

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