New XSLT IDE and Debugger
14:10, 12 Oct 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

MarrowSoft have released Xselerator, a new XSLT development environment for the Windows platform.

Xselerator features an advanced editor, with auto-completion for attribute and element names, and syntax coloring support for XSLT, XML and HTML; an XSLT debugger, with breakpoints and stepping; XSLT transformer, including support for third party XSLT processors; and an XPath query analyzer. Full details of features are available at TopXML.com.

Xselerator is commercial software, priced at US$125, and requires Microsoft Windows and MSXML3 installed.

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Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Edd Dumbill - 13:21, 22 Oct 2001)
Thanks everyone for the comments, but please note that XMLhack is not a marketing forum :-)
Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Greger Hagström - 09:04, 22 Oct 2001)
I have never seen such a wide gap between the best software and the second best. This is the best X ...
Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Dimitre Novatchev - 07:02, 15 Oct 2001)
Once you try the Xselerator, you'll forget about any other XSLT authoring products, and will use it ...
Re: New XSLT IDE and Debugger (Mark Bosley - 05:09, 13 Oct 2001)
I have used maybe 4 or 5 editors and I have to say Xselerator is a winner. Xselerator's auto-complet ...
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