XML to RTF formatting toolkit
08:19, 5 Oct 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

German company SCHEMA have released RTF FormattingKit, a toolkit for transforming XML documents into RTF, compatible with Microsoft Word.

SCHEMA write:

The process behind the RTF FormattingKit is similar in concept to that of XSL-FO (Extensible Stylesheet Language - Formatting Objects), a process specified in the XML Standard and used in the preparation of XML documents for printing. Yet the RTF FormattingKit presents a more direct path for conversion than would be possible with XSL-FO. The result is considerably fewer specifications, and shorter change and correction cycles.

The tool features among other things support for Unicode, document properties and variables, lists and tables, picture references, foot and endnotes, headers and footers, cross references, comments, index entries, RTF commands.

An evaluation version, for the Windows platform, is available from SCHEMA. The full product costs 499 euros per seat, other licensing options are available.

Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (Ray M. - 19:39, 2 Apr 2003)

Checkout the eWord product from SP2N corporation. It can do this & much more!

Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (miser - 14:16, 28 Feb 2002)

Someone slip a decimal point - price seems outrageous for a format converter. Definitely not needed at that price.

> Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (johunt - 06:56, 6 Apr 2002)

Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (Dennis - 11:33, 17 Feb 2002)

This looks nice... But, don't need it.. for 499,- sorry?!?!

Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (ss - 08:08, 17 Jan 2002)

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Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (Paul - 12:59, 12 Dec 2001)

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Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (steph - 14:59, 29 Oct 2001)

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> Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (doecky - 15:50, 7 Nov 2001)
  > Re: XML to RTF formatting toolkit (Sp3ike3 - 03:05, 2 Dec 2001)
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