JAXP FAQ, dom4j 0.9 released
13:55, 13 Aug 2001 UTC | Leigh Dodds

Edwin Goei has announced the first version of his JAXP FAQ, which provides some useful orientation for Java developers migrating to the JAXP API.

The FAQ also notes how to perform W3C XML Schema validation using JAXP. This is being an increasingly common question on developer mailing lists. Developers looking for Xerces specific information can also clean some useful code snippets from this recent XML-DEV posting.

dom4j continues its regular release schedule, this time adding support for Jaxen, a Java XPath engine, which is in a 1.0 beta 3 release. Also included are improved output options and a raft of bug fixes. The dom4j quick start has also been updated.

Jaxen is built on top of SAXPath and provides a API for walking document trees using XPath expressions. Jaxen currently supports dom4j and JDOM, being developed from a refactoring of common code in these two projects. Adding support for other object models is a relatively easy task. Plans are afoot to build in support for manipulating Java Beans using XPath.

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Re: JAXP FAQ, dom4j 0.9 released (Tim McCune - 16:45, 15 Aug 2001)
Just in case anyone's curious (I was), I ran a benchmark of Jaxen vs Xalan's XPath support. Xalan i ...
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