SMIL Animation and SVG reach Proposed Recommendation
12:13, 22 Jul 2001 UTC | Leigh Dodds

The W3C have published new Proposed Recommendation versions of the SVG and SMIL Animation specifications. The review period for both will last for four weeks, ending on 16th August.

In the publication announcement, Chris Lilley thanked the SVG community for their support:

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all the SVG implementors, developers, tool makers, content-creators who have helped to make SVG the splendid success that it is today. Withouut this vibrant and creative groundswell of popular support, the specifications and the implementation status would be so much the poorer.

The maturity of the SVG specification in particular, means that there are unlikely to be any surprises during the review period.

The SMIL Animation Proposed Recommendation notes that it is a revision of the 31st July Last Call Working Draft, making SMIL Animation a true subset of SMIL 2.0. A full list of changes made to SVG since it reached Candidate Recommendation last November has also been provided.

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