B-Bop release Xfinity Designer IDE for XSLT
21:42, 16 Jul 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Xfinity Designer 1.5 is a visual XSLT development tool intended to simplify the process of creating stylesheets. A free preview download is available.

Xfinity's features include:

  • Multiple views: source, design pad, stylesheet and result panes
  • Point and click generation of XSLT templates
  • Automated XPath expression generator
  • Allows direct editing of XSLT sheets
  • Support for mixed content

Xfinity is commercial software, and requires Windows NT/2000, and JDK 1.3.

Re: B-Bop release Xfinity Designer IDE for XSLT (sanjay - 19:55, 17 Jul 2001)

Thanks for pointing out the error. The product does support Windows 98. Solaris is not currently supported. We will correct the form so it is less confusing.

If you have other questions re: env and system requirements, please contact me.


Re: B-Bop release Xfinity Designer IDE for XSLT (Dan Glickman - 18:39, 17 Jul 2001)

Their system requirement for Xfinity Designer lists Windows 98 as a possibility, but when you fill out the request for a 30 day evaluation trial the drop down box lists NT, 2000, Solaris but no Windows 98 (Solaris is listed as supported!?).

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