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17:08, 11 Jul 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

John Punin announced the Log Markup Language (LOGML), an XML vocabulary designed for "mining data that has been collected from web server logfiles."

LOGML works in concert with XGMML, an XML vocabulary for describing Web site structure. This allows the combination of information about actual visitor traffic with information about the site's structure:

"We also gather the client activity in a web site as a subgraph of the web site graph. This subgraph can be used to get better understanding of general user activity in the web site."

A PDF-format poster describing the LOGML work is also available.

The Web-mining approach, generating reports from log files, is quite different from the Extensible Log Format (XLF) approach, which attempted to create log files as continuously updated XML documents.

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Re: Logging in XML (myname - 10:30, 30 Jul 2001)

sorry!this is a test!

Re: Logging in XML (Andreas Jung - 00:59, 12 Jul 2001)

oh no... why do we need web server logs in XML format ?? Weblogs are usuallyvery large and unhandy. They will *NOT* get small with XML but much more larger ? Why another representation for Weblogs ? I don't make analysis of my web logs with an XML parser but with some suitable tools that understand the common used logging format....this approach appears to me as wasted time.


> Re: Logging in XML (Mohammed Zaki - 18:58, 12 Jul 2001)
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