W3C discussion of Technical Architecture Group
03:04, 9 Jul 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Answering an occasional thread on the www-talk mailing list, Janet Daly discussed "a proposal being considered by the W3C Membership for a Technical Architecture Group (TAG)."

Daly, Head of Communications for the W3C, suggested that the TAG proposals sprouted from last summer's xml-uri discussions:

"The first ideas for the TAG actually preceded the creation of the xml-uri mailing list, one in which Tim Berners-Lee relinquished his Director's role to engage in open discussion with the community at large. Lots of posts resulted, and there was initial praise from the community for the commitment to open discussion. However, it's safe to say that many of the participants, regardless of the position(s) they held, left with a wish for a different way to produce a solution. "

The TAG will operate according to usual W3C process:

"Like the W3C Process Document, the proposal's interim or review versions are not published, public versions are subject to public review, and future versions may be revised based on public comment. It is my (personal) hope that we will have a document to share soon; at the time we post the TAG charter, we will also be sending out a call for nominations for the TAG. Nominees are not restricted to the W3C Membership; while only W3C Members may nominate individuals, there have been occasions when people outside of the W3C Membership were nominated and elected to positions on the W3C Advisory Board. It is certainly possible for this to happen on the TAG."

Initial response to the TAG process, if not the goals, was less than enthusiastic. Aaron Swartz wrote that:

"It saddens me enough that many important Working Groups conduct themselves in private (thankfully many important ones remain public), however, taking the entire Web architecture into this veil of privacy is a step too far.... I understand the desire for a small working group that can get things done, but that must be balanced with the need of the Web community to take part in major architectural decisions. I call upon other users of the Web and members of the Web community to join me."

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