Xopus edits XML documents in the browser
21:04, 30 Mar 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Q42 is showing off a demo of their Xopus editor, which allows developers to edit XML inside of a browser context.

The Xopus editing environment:

"is a generic in-browser XML editor that takes any combination of XML, Schema (XSD) and XSL and makes it directly editable. It works in any XML/XSL-enabled browser. (currently only Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 on the Microsoft Windows platform)"

Xopus combines XML, XML Schema, and XSLT with Dynamic HTML and JavaScript to manage the in-browser editing experience, and Q42's explanation also discusses integration with the MMbase content management system.

Re: Xopus edits XML documents in the browser (situ - 10:36, 25 Jun 2001)


I'd like to know if Xopus is available for free download. The product sounds really exciting!


Re: Xopus edits XML documents in the browser (Simon Ahmed - 14:52, 12 Jun 2001)

this piece of information that you have provided is good but the problem is it is my first day working with xml and i find it very hard to understand what all this jargan is what you are talking about. could you please send me some information on how to start developing my xml from scrath. that is the information that i require and i cant find it anywhere.

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