Word 2000 to XSL-FO converter
20:14, 29 Mar 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Fabio Giannetti of HP has created WH2FO, a Java application to transform from Word 2000 HTML output to XSL Formatting Objects.

The use of an XSL-FO processor, such as Apache XML Project's FOP, can then take your Word document into PDF. WH2FO supports a reasonable set of markup features ranging over pagination, layout, text styles, lists and images.

WH2FO can be downloaded from HP Labs' web site.

Re: Word 2000 to XSL-FO converter (Ralf Weinand - 10:06, 14 Nov 2001)

It´s really a nice tool. Especially in combination with FOA the FO Authoring tool (also developed by Fabio Gianetti) which unfortunately doesn´t support e.g. tables and some other so called "Attributes".

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