New tool for generating diffs of DOM trees
00:00, 22 Mar 2001 UTC | Michael Smith

Christian Nentwich <> recently released XML Linear Time Treediff, a set of open-source Java classes for quickly computing differences between DOM trees. Nentwich says the classes are designed to be especially useful for implementations where resources are scarce, such as mobile devices and systems with timing constraints. From the README file in the distribution:

Basically, what it does is a fast treediff without optimisation (i.e. the diffs are not space-optimal but the diff and merge optimisations are fast)

The package requires version 1.2 or greater of the Java version of the Xerces XML parser.

This is primarily a tool for developers, not end users. The only documentation provided is Javadoc output (reference documentation generated from comments embedded in the code). A simple test suite is also included.

The package is distributed under a free software license which stipulates that it may be included in "any product, free or commercial" but that any modifications of the package must be made available free of charge.


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