JDOM heads towards Java core
09:53, 1 Mar 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Jason Hunter writes to say that JDOM has been accepted by the Java Community Process as a Java Specification Request, JSR-102.

The JSR process will be used to create a "1.0" release of JDOM, already gaining popular acceptance over the W3C DOM as an easy and efficient API for processing XML in Java.

The acceptance of JDOM as a JSR is significant as it opens the door for JDOM to become a part of the core Java platform. Hunter writes:

JDOM will still be released as open source software, and technical discussion will continue to take place on public mailing lists. I am the Specification Lead for the JDOM JSR and am working now to set up a formal Expert Group.

For more information, read JSR-102.

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Re: JDOM heads towards Java core (Patrick Haggerty - 10:52, 5 Mar 2001)
JDOM is not the same thing as JAXP at all.

JAXP is an abstraction layer for DOM. It allows users ...
Re: JDOM heads towards Java core (T Bush - 15:08, 3 Mar 2001)
I thought JAXP and JDOM are essentially wrappers for the actual parser. JAXP uses Crimson and JDOM ...
Re: JDOM heads towards Java core (Joe Bowbeer - 02:47, 3 Mar 2001)

JAXP is an API for accessing XML parsers.

JDOM is a Java-tailored representatio ...
Re: JDOM heads towards Java core (Alfred - 09:22, 2 Mar 2001)
Well, does JDOM compete with JAXP ? It seems to me that the purpose of JAXP is quiet the same as JDO ...
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