Quick 4.0 arrives
14:20, 10 Feb 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Bill LaForge announced the release of Quick 4.0, a substantial revision of the open-source tool for binding XML to Java objects.

The new release incorporates substantial architectural revisions aimed at simplifying the creation of bindings while supporting more of Java's object functionality:

"QJML now serves as both a Java Data Modeling language and as an XML binding schema. Full Java inheritance is supported in the XML schema."

Quick 4.0 is built on the new Open Conversion Model (OCM), an "element composition system for definining complex transformations," and exposes that functionality to developers.

Quick development is hosted at SourceForge, as three projects: Java/XML Quick--jxquick, Quick Utilities--quickutil, and Quick Tests--quicktests.

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